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Yep, you’ve heard it. There is a get-paid-to platform called UpVoice, and they promise you can earn $75 or more in your first year as a user. Just $75 for an entire year? Wait till you hear the other part of the equation before you dismiss it. You stand to earn this sum by doing literally nothing you wouldn’t do anyway. No surveys, no tasks, no focus groups, no product reviews!

But how is that possible? And who are these guys anyway? I’ve taken an in-depth look at the platform, and here’s what I learned so far.

Company Overview – Is This Panel Legit or Scam?

The UpVoice panel is a market research project conducted by BrandTotal. This company is committed to analyzing the so-called “dark” marketing – that is, advertising efforts that are usually invisible to anyone but their creator, as well as the consumer. If you are a marketer, you will want a certain kind of insight into what your competitors are doing. So, BrandTotal came up with a tool that sits in consumers’ browsers and monitors the personalized ads those consumers are being served.

As for the panel’s legitimacy, it fully complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), even though this compliance wasn’t necessary since the data is anonymous and non-identifiable. That should suffice to give you a peace of mind, but if you have any other privacy related questions, you can reach them out via [email protected].

upvoice homepage preview

How Does UpVoice Work?

To register, you will need to have an active Facebook profile, since that’s the only way to sign up. Then, you will need to fill out a short contact form.

The short form is short indeed. All they are asking for are your name, birth data, gender, country, and city.

upvoice registration form

As soon as I filled in those info, boom! I was accepted, no other questions asked.

upvoice joining confirmation screen

Honestly, I expected to get more demographically oriented questions that would let them know better who I am. As it is, it seems they are quite eager to let anyone in, as long as they are residing in the US. Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible if you live elsewhere.

The next thing was to install their Chrome extension, so that they could track my browsing sessions on select websites. Indeed, that’s the only thing that requires some active effort on your part. Once you set it, feel free to forget it! The extension will automatically and anonymously collect information on the ads that you see on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

Every social media session will then convert into a certain amount of daily tokens that you can later redeem for gift cards. It’s a pity that cash isn’t an option, but gift cards are always the second best, especially from Amazon.

So, after I spent about two minutes on those steps, there I was, with a welcome bonus of 300 tokens (equivalent to $5) sitting in my account.

upvoice reward screen

Important Tip: Make sure to use Chrome, since the extension only works on it. Also, if you use an ad blocker, turn it off. If you don’t, the tool won’t be able to capture the ads. Hence, you won’t be able to get your rewards!

Do I Need to Worry About My Personal Data Being Compromised?

According to their FAQ, they will only collect non-personal data such as demographic information. Plus, they will only ever use your data in aggregation. Which means that one John Doe and his private chats on Facebook aren’t important to anyone. What matters is the ad data that comes from as many people as possible, all of whom belong to a certain demographic category.

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Now, it’s up to you whether you want to trust them or not. If you wouldn’t like to take chances, it’s absolutely okay not to get involved with this. After all, your privacy is worth way more than $75.


  • The system is as seamless as it gets – you need to do absolutely nothing out of the ordinary! Who doesn’t visit social media and Amazon on a daily basis?
  • You’ll get 300 tokens as a FREE signup bonus – that’s the equivalent of $5, and it’s certainly a nice welcome gesture.
  • Relatively low cashout threshold requires you to amass at least 600 tokens before being able to get your hands on your gift card. That’s $10. If you use your social media regularly, it should take you about a month to get there. And you won’t have to wait over five business days for delivery of your reward.
  • A nice selection of gift cards includes Amazon, VISA prepaid card, Adidas, Best Buy, American Eagle, iTunes, Nike, Burger King, AMC Theatres, and more.
  • The Chrome add-on is easy and intuitive to use. Just click on the icon and it will show your current balance, as well as stats showing your weekly usage of social media. It’s also worth mentioning that it doesn’t affect your browser’s performance.


  • Limited earning potential. You stand to earn 10 tokens every day that you visit social media – that’s a bit less than 17¢ per day. Occasionally, you will also get a survey or two – but we don’t know just how much they are worth.
  • Cash isn’t an option – as much as we love shopping, there’s one thing we love more.
  • US members only! Unfortunately, other prospective users will have to wait for the system to evolve further. If you’re still interested, you can apply and they will contact you if/when they decide to expand.

Conclusion – Is UpVoice Worth Your Time?

If this was a get-paid-to site that requires any kind of activity for a mere $75 per year, I would think twice before recommending it to anyone. However easy these activities are, there just isn’t any kind of work that could cost so little.

However, with this site, you’ll practically get those $75 for free – and I can’t see why anyone would say no to such a small but sweet treat. Are you not comfortable with a tool that observes your online behavior? Well, it’s only on Chrome. You can always use a separate browser for your sensitive social media sessions.

If you are into passively earning money by browsing the web, make sure to check out Swagbucks – it’s one of the most reputable GPT sites, and it offers a handful of other activities you can do for rewards.

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