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Marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry where opinions and feedback are invaluable. Big brands are always looking for the best ways to sell their products, and there’s no better way to evaluate these methods than to test them on consumers. That’s where survey and panel sites come in.

Do you have valuable opinions to share with the marketing world? Do you want to help shape brands and products with your feedback? Are you looking to make some extra money for your time? If so, USA Talk Now may be a survey site for you.

About USA Talk Now

USA Talk Now is a US-based paid survey panel that is owned by Itracks, a Canadian data collection and market researcher for Fortune 500 companies around the world. USA Talk Now provides surveys and collects feedback from their pool of panelists about a variety of products, services, and brands. This information is relayed to companies that will use the feedback to mold their brand, paying the participants for their time and effort.

Who’s It For

When it comes to survey sites, they will often fall into one of two categories: general or niche. General sites are less specific about their target demographics, while niche sites are usually only worth it for specific professionals.

USA Talk Now definitely leans towards being a general survey site. It offers a variety of topics for all kinds of participants, allowing those who don’t fall into niche demographics to still participate and earn money.

As the name suggests, USA Talk Now is primarily for US citizens. Despite having an option to register from various different countries, you will have a much harder time finding surveys to participate in if you are outside of the US. Despite this, they support Canada, the United Kingdom, and some other countries – just don’t expect the same quantity as an American panelist. Not sure if you qualify? The only way to know is to try to register.

The Process

The registration process is fairly simple; upon arriving at the site, you’ll be greeted by a registration form. The form will ask a variety of personal information questions and will have you sign up for an account. After you complete the account, you will be taken to a page to fill out additional information to add to your panel profile. These surveys will collect data to help determine your eligibility for potential tasks, so answer truthfully and complete as many different information forms as possible.

Once you are registered and fill out your information, you are able to begin receiving tasks. These tasks will be sent to your email and will also pop up in your account dashboard under “messages” so check both often. If you do receive a message about a task, be sure to respond quickly so that you don’t miss out. Just follow the instructions on the message, complete the survey, and wait for approval and payment.

Pay and Rewards

USA Talk Now isn’t the most premium survey site there is – you’ll often receive less than a dollar for each task – but it also doesn’t require any specialization to participate. That being said, if you do fall into a particularly in-demand niche you could definitely make more than the average user. There are also no limits on how many tasks you can complete, so make sure you fill out all the information you can to increase your eligibility.

When you complete surveys on USA Talk Now, you are rewarded with money rather than points or items (and your balance can be found on the dashboard).  This balance can be converted to an Amazon Gift Card, a restaurant gift certification, or a Payoneer card once you reach the minimum $10 threshold. This means that there is no cash-equivalent option like PayPal or a check, limiting the potential convenience of earning cash on the site but still requiring you to earn at least $10 to cash out. But who doesn’t use Amazon these days?

USA Talk Now vs. Competitors

There are tons of competitors on the survey market, making it important that a site can stick out in some way to be successful. Unfortunately, USA Talk Now doesn’t do anything to separate itself – it’s just another survey site when it comes down to it.

It’s got some positives – easy to use and a variety of surveys for all kinds of panelists. It also has some negatives, including being a bit restrictive on where you can participate from, a limited number of cash out options, and a minimum balance before you can get your money.

It is likely that you could find another site that does what USA Talk Now does (or better) with better cash out options and greater availability. A more robust and informative site would also be helpful for informing potential panelists, and a mobile option would help to increase the convenience of using the panel.


Overall, USA Talk Now is a standard survey site for the general consumer base. It allows for people of various demographics to find surveys that will help influence services and products they use, especially in the American markets. You can easily make an account, fill out some information, and hope for surveys to come to your inbox. Easy enough, right?

However, they are also nothing special when it comes to survey sites. There is no mobile option for the website or surveys, the options for cashing out are restrictive, and the website tells you little to nothing about who they are or what they do. Additionally, the pay is less than you will find on niche sites and tasks aren’t on-demand, limiting your potential income.

There are hundreds of general survey sites available online, offering a variety of surveys, rewards, and experiences. USA Talk Now pretty much falls into the standard classification – fill out as much information as you can for eligibility, add it to your rolodex of survey sites, and check for messages every so often, but don’t rely on it to be a regular source of income.

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