Valient Poll Consumer Panel

Valient position themselves as a critically acclaimed market research company and management consulting firm who have been providing strategic advisement to a whole host of brands, corporation, private companies, local government as well as educational institutions since 2007.

With a global network of clients, they work across a number of key industries which include healthcare, technology, consumer products, telecommunications, media, and entertainment industries plus many more. Their goal is simply to provide best-in-class decision support services, designed and developed to assist businesses make better strategic decisions about how to enhance and improve the range of products and services which they offer to their end consumers.

What Kinds of Services are Provided by the Team at Valient?

From a client rather than member perspective, Valient offers a comprehensive a full-service proposition which involves market research and strategic advisement to corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs globally.

With the provision of both qualitative and quantitative programs, Valient’s core competency, according to their corporate website, is the provision of business-to-business research.

Concerning how a member might then get involved, they collect data samples in a number of different ways, not just online, and the following are the types of processes commonly implemented and which a member may subsequently then be involved in:

  • Online, mail, phone and mobile surveys
  • Online as well as in-person focus groups
  • Online bulletin boards and community development programs
  • Telephone as well as in-person interviews
  • Secondary and desk research
  • Customer panel development and maintenance

Certainly, from a business perspective, the list of services on offer is incredibly comprehensive and diverse and covers off the whole gamut of what you might describe as being generically “market research.”

How Easy Is It to Join the Valient Poll Consumer Panel?

Apparently, the Valient Poll Consumer Panel already has millions of active members who are already making a very valid contribution toward shaping future policy and product development as well as getting involved in determining exactly what the products and services of tomorrow look like.

We can imagine that for the right individual, this offers up a stimulating and rewarding experience and being a trendsetter or influencer by taking part in consumer polls could be interesting, but is it lucrative?

The trademarked and well recognized “The Valient Poll” is one of the most respected public opinion polls, so many members sign up to join for the opportunity just to be a part of that community.

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Once you become a registered member, you are then apparently invited to participate in a wide range of research opportunities that could include online surveys, in-depth interviews and taking part in targeted focus groups according to your individual suitability and profile matching.

The application process is online via their main website. To qualify, potential panelists are required to undertake a short 5-minute online survey which establishes necessary demographic and household information to determine suitability and eligibility.

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered By the Valient Poll Consumer Panel?

It would appear that Valient is prepared to offer a generous reward scheme in exchange for such valuable participation.  Depending, as is often the case with these types of systems, upon the nature of the particular project that you are currently involved with, those rewards and incentives can range from cash to checks, e-vouchers, and gift cards, etc. Valient buddy up with leading websites like Amazon and iTunes to offer these incentives, so it does look appealing.

As one of the industry’s fastest growing and more popular survey providers, they certainly appear to be legitimate. It’s free to join and to begin earning incentives, but we’ve not really been able to get a good handle on what the process from a member perspective looks like.

Regarding the cash value of the rewards, the payout time frame and how that process is administered were not readily apparent. However, it would appear as though they have some interesting and diverse clients and the opportunity to be a part of that group of panelists could, therefore, be an exciting if not financially lucrative one!

Final Thoughts on the Valient Poll Consumer Panel

If you are a business looking to employ a market research company to carry out important qualitative and quantitative research relating to your consumer products, brands or services, Valient certainly seems to be a well-established, credible and safe pair of hands offering a whole host of services as part of their key client offer. Unfortunately, our research wasn’t able to determine how lucrative an opportunity this might be for any individuals looking to be a part of that panel, nor for that matter how often you might get invited to participate in surveys and polls.

Our best advice would be by all means to sign up and explore the opportunity but to do this in tandem with a couple of the other large survey sites; that way you can keep yourself busier and stand a better chance of being invited to both work on some interesting projects but also potentially create an extra stream of revenue.

For sure, while this is a growing area of business, we’ve seen little to indicate that it’s going to be a reliable source of incremental revenue. That said, if you just like taking part in polls and having your opinion heard, quite frankly you have nothing to lose other than the time it takes to complete the Q&A.