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Non-US survey takers often have trouble finding survey sites that work in their countries. That’s why some panels, such as ViewFruit, have started working with international audiences. But don’t expect this or any other panel to work just about anywhere. It depends on the markets that their clients focus on. As a rule, the markets they deem worthwhile are either in developed countries such as US or Europe, or most populous ones such as Asian countries.

Currently, ViewFruit is targeting 32 countries within US, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. And they even have a separate website for their Indian users. They are part of Market Research Association, a huge international network of established and reputable market research companies. That fact alone accounts for their legitimacy. But the mere fact that a panel is legit still doesn’t mean it will help you earn money. So, let’s dive in and determine whether it’s worth your time or not!

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How Does ViewFruit Work?

Registration is free, and you should never be charged anything for using this panel. Keep that in mind, as it’s another sign of legitimacy. Whenever a survey site attempts to charge for its service, it should ring that ugly scam alarm.

It only takes a minute to sign up. However, if you want to maximize your earning potential, you should also take a few minutes to complete your profile. Providing more demographic information such as age, gender, occupation, income level allows them to send you more carefully targeted surveys where you will have a greater chance to qualify.

There’s a whole bunch of short optional questionnaires about automotive, finance, healthcare, food & beverages, travel, parenting, gaming, and other lifestyle choices. The more you respond to, the greater your chances of getting the right surveys.

Once you’ve filled out as many questionnaires as possible, you should wait for survey invitations to start hitting your inbox. It’s also possible to access available surveys via your dashboard. For me, they were pretty scarce.

Maybe that has something to do with my location or demographic profile, or both. However, other US users report that they haven’t been given many opportunities either. So, it’s very possible that they are focused on respondents from countries other than US.

Note that you can also download their app, for what it’s worth.

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How Much Can I Earn?

Surveys are the only activity that can bring you money here on a regular basis – provided you get enough of them. On your dashboard, you will also find the so-called V-Vote option, with short polls that you can participate or even create yourself. However, this option won’t bring you any money. It’s just for fun and interacting with other members.

Anyhow, you should try to access a survey as soon as possible. They will either expire or reach enough respondents very quickly, which means you will be disqualified or not even allowed to enter. Typically, a successfully completed survey will bring you anywhere between 100 and 5,000 points. The math is not too complicated: every 500 points will translate to $1. To cash out your earnings, you will need to accrue 2,500 points or $5. That’s a low threshold compared to the industry standard of $20 to $25. Another good thing: not only you can cash out via PayPal, but you can also opt for Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

The only other way to make money here is by referring friends. If they open up an account and complete their profile, you will get 10% of their points as bonus.


  • Points = cash. Both PayPal and gift cards from Amazon or iTunes are alluring enough to attract a great number of candidates.
  • Cashout threshold is low. 2,500 points or $5 doesn’t sound like much when you consider that each survey will bring you 100 – 5,000 points. It means that if you’re lucky enough to get the right survey, it will make you enough money to cash out immediately.
  • Nice earning potential. At least in theory, each survey is worth from $0.20 to $10. Considering that it always takes 20 minutes tops to fill out a survey, you should be in for nice reimbursement.
  • They accept applicants from 32 countries, US included. You can also join if you’re from Canada, UK, India, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. Most of these countries have their own version of the website.
  • They have a mobile app. I’m amazed as to how rare this is, even though we’re already deep in the 21st century. It should have been a must. But as things are, it’s commendable when a panel has it.


  • Surveys seem to be very scarce for US applicants. Many users are complaining that they almost never get any survey invitations.
  • High disqualification rate. Even those users who occasionally receive a survey invitation have found that it’s almost impossible to qualify. That’s a common issue with survey sites. But when surveys are the only paid activity, it’s a serious one.
  • If you don’t respond instantaneously, the survey will very soon become inaccessible. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why so many people have never managed to complete any.
  • Your points might not be yours after all. They need official approval, which is performed on Fridays. So, if or when you manage to complete a survey, don’t rejoice because you’ve earned a certain amount of points. Come back on Friday and see if you can really count on them.
  • Hello, Google Translate! Even though the panel is definitely legit, I couldn’t help but notice a fact that would otherwise make me just walk away. It’s their writing that is full of grammatical errors. I am no purist when it comes to language, but a serious website should definitely care about it.

Final Verdict

Theoretically, this panel has much to offer. Even though surveys and referrals are the only way of making money, they are pretty rewarding on paper. However, I wouldn’t exactly recommend you to spend your time on it, at least if you’re in the US. (I can’t speak for other countries.) It’s just too difficult to get a real chance of earning. You would fare better to spend your time on survey panels that really appreciate it.

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