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You provide your opinion thousands of times each day for free. Why not trade them for money? Companies value your opinion and many are eager to pay for it. Then, there are mediator platforms that are made to connect the two sides – to provide companies with customers and enable the customers to earn a buck by voicing out their opinions. That’s the basic business model of paid survey panels, and Viewpoint Forum is no different in that regard.

Would you like to join in? If you go to their website just now and look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” or “Join Now” buttons, you will find none. That’s because the only way to join Viewpoint Forum is by invitation from them or one of their affiliate companies. Technically, you can also get referred by one of their members, but that option is temporarily out of use since the number of members has probably reached its limit. So, their exclusivity is the first problem you will encounter with this panel.

But before we get to the features, pros, cons, and the verdict if it’s worth joining, let’s see who they are.


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Viewpoint Forum operates under MarketVision Research, a company that is one of the founders of the Insights Association – a respectable name in the market research field. MarketVision Research is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was recently accredited with Better Business Bureau. In their case, the A+ rating means that they are eager to resolve customers’ complaints, which you can see on their profile.

However, BBB has issued an alert to warn customers that the name of MarketVision Research was spoofed by scammers. That isn’t to say that the company itself is scam. It’s just supposed to warn you to be careful. If you get an offer to become a secret shopper, or receive a suspicious check, or get a request to wire money to someone, report it either to BBB or MarketVision Research to avoid getting hooked.

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How Does It Work?

Just like its name says, this survey panel is a forum or community of consumers and survey takers based in the US. With a crucial difference: forums are usually open to anyone.

But enough whining about that. Here’s what happens if/when you get lucky.

After you sign up via the referral link from your email, you will be prompted to do a screening survey. It’s supposed to determine your user’s profile and put you in a certain category. Then, you will start getting surveys via email. Viewpoint’s currency is Forum Points, and that’s what you’ll earn as you complete surveys.

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How Much Will I Earn?

When it comes to converting points into cash, you’ll encounter a common problem of figuring out the conversion formula. To cash out, you need to accrue $20 worth of points, which is about 750 points. (With these weird ratios, I always need to use my calculator to count how much I earned – and I really don’t like it.) Now, a single survey should bring you up to 225 points if it’s not exceedingly complex. When you translate that into dollars, it means a successfully completed survey is worth about $6 – not bad at all.

With two surveys per month on average, that boils down to about $12 monthly. Basically, peanuts – but then again, those peanuts require next to nothing in terms of effort. Note that there are also Weekly Polls that won’t bring you any points. According to the FAQ section on Viewpoint Forum’s website, those polls are just for fun – as if we didn’t have enough fun already. A payment will take up to 2 weeks to hit your wallet, which is the industry standard.

Just like with most other similar panels, they can kick you out from a survey even if you’re 10 or 20 minutes into it. But you will get a small incentive when that happens.

Viewpoint Forum Advantages

  1. A steady, if small, number of surveys. Have you ever joined a survey platform and waited weeks for a survey to show up? You won’t be having this issue here. Due to the exclusive nature of this panel, there are enough surveys for everyone. So, a survey won’t be under attack by hundreds of participants at once, half of whom would be disqualified later rather than sooner.
  2. The system is 100% legit. Even though you should always be precautious as to when and where you provide your personal information, there’s no official reason for concern. Behind the panel stands a real company with BBB accreditation and A+ rating, which means they are serious and honest players, whether you like their platform or not.
  3. Nice earnings per survey. Since a survey is worth $6, it’s a pretty nice amount, considering that most surveys will take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  4. Apart from doing surveys, you can also test products for money. I haven’t made it to that point, but some members claim that you can earn 500 points by testing a product. And that’s at least twice the amount you can get per survey.
  5. Choose from cash or gift cards as your payment. I appreciate cash, but what I appreciate the most is having a choice. There’s even a third option: you can trade in your points for chance to enter sweepstakes.

Viewpoint Forum Disadvantages

  1. Exclusivity. Just like E-Rewards, the only way to join in is have someone invite you. Worse yet, that option doesn’t seem to work at the moment, so the only way in is for an affiliate company to invite you. And that’s a bit tougher to hack.
  2. They got spoofed. I know, it’s probably not their fault, and it doesn’t mean they’re not legit. But it can still affect potential members’ trust. If you ask me, they should double their efforts to attract new users instead of sending them away from the landing page.
  3. Oh surveys, why isn’t there more of you? Even though they pay a generous amount per survey, two surveys per month won’t get you anywhere. If you’re after nice sums, maybe try some of the most efficient panels such as Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks.
  4. The cashout process is frustratingly long. Even though it happens more often than not with survey panels, waiting two weeks for your money is something everyone could do without.

Verdict – Is It Worth Your Time?

Many things with Viewpoint Forum are pretty well organized. The concept itself – much less so. Even if it were the best survey panel in the world, it would hardly count if it wouldn’t let me or you in.

That being said, you’ve got nothing to lose if you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation. Once you’re in, things appear to work very neatly. This thing certainly won’t replace your day job. It won’t even be able to pay for anything more than a couple of drinks. But if you pair it with some other survey panels, it can add up.

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