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Vindale Research Review in summary: a very solid paid survey panel. Excellent range of surveys, regular and consistent payouts. We find the interface friendly, surveys sensible, and had a good experience each time. We give it 8/10.

Survey websites are a good way to earn money in your free time. A lot of people are doing this – mostly in the United States (as most of these websites work only in the United States).

In this Vindale Research review, we will explore whether it’s a good survey site for making money, if it has any drawbacks, and how we know it’s a legitimate survey panel that you can trust.

Vindale Research History

Vindale Research is a well-established company and their website has a clear, eye-catching, and responsive web design. Based in the US, Vindale Research is one of the oldest and longest-running survey sites out there. The company is owned by Nathanael Ehrich.

Vindale Research is not a Scam

Vindale research is not a scam website going after your credit card details or other personal information. In fact, the sign-up process is extremely easy and does not require credit card details or any other information that you are not comfortable with. You just have to enter your email or simply sign up with your Facebook account, simple and easy.

Before signing up with the website, it is important to learn some more about Vindale, how it works, what it offers, and why do you want to sign-up for Vindale Research instead of many other similar survey websites?

According to Vindale’s “About Us” page,

“Our members get real money for taking market research surveys. And companies get real feedback from their most important customers.”

It looks pretty simple and win-win for everyone – isn’t it? But we will look into this if things are really that simple when we share what their users have to say about their experiences. But the initial sign-up process looks very simple.

What is Good and What is Bad about Vindale?

Just like other survey websites that offer benefits to users, like money, gift cards, points, etc, Vindale also has some good and bad features.

The Good

  • Vindale Research offers real money instead of using a points system. You fill the surveys – you get the cash – simple and straightforward.
  • The website also makes it easier for users to process their payments. You can choose between a traditional check or PayPal to get your money.
  • The payments for surveys are also considerably higher than what others are paying. Vindale pays between $0.25 and $50 for each completed survey, but in some cases, when the product is also sent to the user for review, Vindale pay up to $75. The more complex the survey is, the higher it pays. For example, if a survey requires in-depth medical knowledge, it pays more.
  • Surveys are not the only way to earn money from Vindale, there are plenty of other options that can help you earn money when you are bored of filling out surveys.
  • You can also earn money by referring your friends and family to the website.

The Bad

  • It may take more time than you expected to earn money. Even when it looks very simple, many people will fail to meet the eligibility criteria for different surveys as they don’t fall within the demography the company is targeting. In most cases, this results in frustration as people also have to fill a questionnaire, sometimes very lengthy and time-consuming only to learn they are not eligible. But to make it clear for the readers, it is almost same on all other survey websites.
  • Vindale surveys are not available to a global audience. It works only in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Great Britain.
  • The website also offers products and coupons, but they are limited to the United States.
  • The cashout limit is $50 which also expires after a certain period.
  • You can expect a lot of emails from them or their partner companies once you’ve subscribed.

Are Online Surveys the Only Way to Make Money from Vindale Research?

No, there are plenty of other ways to make money with Vindale Research apart from taking surveys.

If you understand the company and have a good experience, I suggest exploring some of their other options to make some additional cash. Here are some best ways to earn more money from Vindale Research if you’re tired of taking surveys:

  • Vindale Videos

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money, even easier than filling out surveys. All you need is to watch videos and you can earn up to $0.25.

  • Referral Program

The referral program offered by Vindale Reward is among the most rewarding in the survey industry. All you need is to share a link and you will earn $5 for each person signed up with them through your link.

  • Sharing a Payment Photo

Just share a photo with proof of your earnings to add $5 to your account. Vindale probably collects these photos and videos to provide proof of their payments.

  • Reward Mail

You can also opt for their rewards mail program. All you need is to click on their emails and read their promotional messages. The payment is up to $0.10 per email.

You also earn $2 as a sign-up bonus immediately when you subscribed to them.

Vindale Research Review and Online Feedback

Almost everything about Vindale Research looks good, but when it comes to online feedback, there seem to be a lot more negative reviews than positive. The aggregate rating is also below average on many different review websites.

Having said that, Vindale Research also enjoys a lot of positive feedback and success stories shared by happy users, but the problem is, these success stories are outnumbered by complaints by customers, which is alarming.

Let’s begin with the positive online feedback. To start with, the business is accredited by the BBB, and not only that, it is also rated A. If you are confused, SayForExample is the alternative name of Vindale Research.

Vindale Research BBB Rating

Vindale BBB Rating

The website is reviewed moderately or below average on different review websites. For example, on BBB, it received an aggregate rating of 4 out of 5 from 7 users. On the other hand, on Consumer Affair, it received an aggregate score of 2 out of 5 – on Yelp, 2 out of 5 – on, it received an aggregate rating score of 2 out of 5 from 156 different users.

Common Complaints About Vindale Research

unhappy customer

The overall feedback is below average but not outright poor. Some of the most common complaints registered by users include

  • Website shutting users out once they spent a good amount of time and earn some money in their account.
  • After spending a lot of time on a survey, users are told they are not eligible for the survey.
  • The price of some surveys is too low compared to the time spent. In some cases, people just make $2 or $3 an hour after completing lengthy surveys.
  • In some cases, when the user tried to claim the money, Vindale closed their accounts.
  • In one case, the user claimed that after his first successful payment, the company asked him to send his identification documents. Even after learning that he was a permanent resident in the United States, the company canceled his account along with $90 as he was not a US citizen. So my advice – if you are not a citizen of the United States – make sure to confirm with their support if you are eligible.

Common Praises About Vindale Research

Happy customer

First, there are hundreds of online reviews for Vindale Research which shows they are popular. In addition, a significant proportion of this feedback is from happy and satisfied users. Some of the common online praises include:

  • Users paid without any problems after they reached $50.
  • Quick payments through check and PayPal.
  • Customers finding it better than other similar options.
  • Possibility to earn more quickly if you can select surveys according to your eligibility, in simple terms, by playing smart.

According to one customer, he earned some money within the first two weeks of his subscription. The user claimed that the angry feedback from other users for not qualifying for surveys is not valid as it is not only Vindale, every other survey website has the same criteria – it is how this industry works.

The user was also right about keeping expectations low. Vindale Research does not promise that it will make you rich, but it offers an opportunity to earn some extra cash over your regular income.

Another user also hit back at the people who were complaining about the slow pace of earning. He claimed that most don’t read the instructions and policies in detail and paid the price by going into the wrong direction and wasting time. If you can read about eligibility and other instructions, things can be much faster and easier.

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Conclusion: Should You Use Vindale Research?

Vindale claims that the company has paid more than $5 million to users, a claim that is also backed by some customers on different review websites with their success stories about their earnings. On the other hand, there is a significant proportion of online reviews with complaints about foul play from the company.

Based on the mixed online feedback and their popularity over the last year, I believe Vindale is a legit survey website with a lot of users who have actually earned money from the website, but it is certainly not for everyone.

You must be patient and should choose surveys according to your eligibility to save time. There is no doubt that Vindale Research has paid thousands of people as evident from the online feedback, but you must be patient and have a good understanding of the Vindale process.

At the end of this Vindale Research review, I recommend everyone at least try it out. After all, you don’t have to pay anything to sign-up with them. So try them, if you don’t like the feel of it, quit and move forward. PineCone Research is another good site that you can give a try to and PrizeRebel is our number one pick.

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