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Familiar with online survey sites? You must have completed one or two if you are a geek like I think I am. But did you know that you can actually earn a few bucks by completing online surveys? Yes, there are countless websites to do that and today we will analyze one thoroughly. The website I am referring to is the Vivatic survey website. So buckle up for the best ride of your lifetime, as we review this survey website.

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About the company.

Vivatic is a survey company based out of London that links users with legit jobs and surveys from other companies. They offer amazing ways to make money such as completing surveys, writing articles, completing company offers, and referring friends. With such an array of options, you won’t have to worry about lunch or supper should that emergency hit again. They offer actual cash money for each of the tasks, and the best thing is that your payment will be processed with the good old Paypal.



First Look At The Website.

If this is one of your checkpoints, then you will be glad to know that the website feels smooth and intuitive. Everything is right where it should be, especially with the important things such as “Take a survey”, “Cash offers”, “Writing Jobs”, etc. placed neatly at the top. Click one of these, and off you go making some pound.

Vivatic survey


Signing Up And Using The Website – Legit or Scam?

For a first timer, signing up to Vivatic is very simple. Just the usual: provide your real names and email address, click on a verification link, and you are in. Even more good news is that you get 1 pound just to do this. With such a warm welcome, you know what you are getting yourself into, well in advance.

For each task available you will need to fill up your profile a little more. For example, if you click cash offers, you will be asked to answer fun questions such as your marital status, employment status, annual income before taxes, and many more. Once you have completed such questions, you are free to continue with the survey or whatever else you were doing.

Anyways let’s take a look at the various options available to make money:

  1. Taking a survey.

The company does not offer the surveys by itself, and instead it refers you to other websites where you will go and take the survey. The most popular of these other websites is Populus, which offers up to 4 surveys each day with a payout of 1 pound per survey. But not too fast, as you will have to provide a validated Paypal account, and prove that you are from the UK.

There are so many surveys available so you can be sure of at least making that 1 pound for about 20 minutes of your free time. However, be warned that you could be easily disqualified midway past each survey for reasons such as that you don’t qualify for the survey. This happened to me several times. One time I was 70% at a SpeakUp survey before being discontinued and hit with this: “the customer is looking for a certain type of person”.

I thought this was quite disappointing, but was still relentless so I tried out another one. Well this time round I completed the survey successfully, and earned myself my second pound ever.


  1. Cash offers.

After surveys this is the best way to earn from Vivatic. At the time of this review, the website only had 1 partner offering a cash offer, notably Peanut Labs Trial Pay. There also were restrictions on who could take part depending on which country they came from. These cash offers require that you complete a wide range of tasks ranging from downloading apps, watching videos, and more.


  1. Completing microjobs.

You will go into the micro jobs database, where you will find several so called “crowdsourcing” microjobs. These are tasks that need to be completed by a group of people based on their very nature. For example, giving feedback on a design logo would require the wisdom of the crowd. Other examples of tasks include checking a website for errors, reporting inappropriate content, and more.

For my task, I was provided with a website as well as keyword, which I would have to look through like 100 Google pages to check whether the website ranked for that keyword. I find searching through Google pages quite adventurous especially past 20 or so pages. Who knows what you could find out there? Problem here is that each of these tasks pays out £0.04 and after about 4 tasks all the fun is lost.


4. Polls.

Vivatic gives you yet another option to supplement your salary. They have one poll available for users each day and the polls are as easy as just saying Yes or No. Or you could be asked how many times you brush your teeth each day. So, if you ever find a poll, you can be guaranteed a cool £0.01.


5. Competitions.

There were daily, weekly and monthly competitions available. Each of these have different rewards should you be chosen as the winner, ranging from £5 to £25 to £100. Qualifying for each of these competitions requires that you complete previous tasks as follows:

  • Entrance into the daily competition requires that you complete one poll and one survey,
  • The weekly competition requires 5 of each, and
  • The monthly competition requires 15 of each.



  1. Writing jobs.

You can try your hand at scripting articles. You have to complete 20 crowdsourcing tasks before reaching this stage. If you have the patience to complete the 20 micro tasks, there is Good news waiting for you on the other side. Each of the writing jobs pay quite handsomely at around £10 each.   These could take you just one hour or two to complete, depending on how good you are at it.


7. Referrals.

Last but not least, you can refer your friends to this website, and earn 2 pounds for each and every friend that signs up and earns 20 pounds on Vivatic. The system works this way, just post on Facebook, Twitter or email.


So the elephant in the room is how much can you make in a day? Quick maths, each survey takes about 20 minutes, meaning that in 3 hours of your free time, you will have made 10 pounds. You will earn roughly the same amount of money writing the articles. But before you start on any of the above tasks, you will have to validate your Paypal account first. The payments only reflect at your account after reaching the £20 milestone. And for the lazy people, take extra caution not to leave your account inactive for more than two months, because any funds earned will be cleared automatically.

Vivatic referral



User Reports.

Vivatic appears to have elicited mixed reactions from users throughout the past. Some love it for availability of jobs such as article writing, while others hate it for it’s unreliability. There are complaints from some users about being blocked suddenly from the site for having multiple accounts, or providing false information. This means that one day they woke up and found all their hard earned pounds gone. Tell me about starting over again?

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What We Think.

Vivatic is a great survey website to earn an extra amount of money. Here are its pros and cons clearly stated:


  • The website does not require that you provide any sign up fee, they will actually pay you 1 pound to sign up. Perhaps this should check off Vivatic as being a scam.
  • The tasks such as completing surveys and writing articles are so much fun, and you will make like 10 pounds a day doing so.



  • Vivatic is inconvenient in that each of the survey site requires that you fill in your personal information over and over again. This is a huge turnoff for me. Rather I would love it if they provided surveys that match up to the profile I filled up initially.
  • You won’t be notified each time a survey is available so you have to keep refreshing the site to attract some jobs to yourself.
  • For Chinese, American, Japanese, African or any other nationality that aren’t from the UK, you have no chance to squeeze some pounds out of Vivatic. This is very disappointing, because there is no way actually around it. Or is there one?

Vivatic website


Verdict – [Legit].

All in all, I will end this right here, by saying that Vivatic has been approved as a legitimate website. They have many types of jobs available, and the fact that you get paid straight to your Paypal is a plus. You also get 1pound for spending your time to sign up, which could come in handy one day. Trust me! On the flipside, you can’t expect to make a decent amount of money off this website. It could be a great way to earn some extra pennies while you sit comfortably in the couch, but it won’t last you forever as a long term job. So what I am saying is that you get another site and combine both of them.

That’s all guys, till next time!

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