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These days, many people are looking for fun and effective ways to make some extra money on the side. Survey websites are becoming more and more popular, but there are also a lot of survey websites that can be exhausting to use because of how inefficient they are.

When you sign up for a survey website, you want to be sure that you are going to make enough money from using the site to be worth your time. Voz Latinum is one of the sites that you might come across while hunting for a great survey site.

Is this website a legitimate choice to use, or will you find it to be more of a scam than anything else? Allow us to share with you our experience with it to find out.

What Is Voz Latinum?

The website Voz Latinum is owned by a market research company. This research company, known as the Latinum Network Inc., works on connecting research companies and brands to the consumers that they are trying to target.

In particular, Voz Latinum targets Latin and Hispanic individuals who are living in the United States. While some surveys may be available to those who are outside of this group, the bulk of the Voz Latinum community is made up of these individuals. Because of this, the website and surveys are available in both Spanish and English.

Anyone who is a resident of the U.S. is allowed to join the site, although you may not be able to do every survey. The brands that Voz Latinum works with are varied, but you could expect to do surveys for brands as big as Procter & Gamble.

This is a website that focuses on giving surveys and less on other features, but there are also some opportunities to compete in sweepstakes and win large Amazon gift cards without needing to do anything but sign up!

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How Voz Latinum Works

To start using Voz Latinum, the first thing that you need to do is create an account. All you need to do to start this process is to click the large, orange button that says “Join Here.” From there, you’ll be guided into and through the registration process.

This process is very quick and simple to complete. Once you’ve finished the required form and profile information, no more than five minutes should have passed. Plus, you’ll get a $5 bonus once you complete your first survey on the website, so you’re set up for success when you join Voz Latinum.

Every survey on Voz Latinum will pay out a specific number of points. These points can then be exchanged for rewards. When cashing out, for example, you can trade in 2,000 points for a $20 gift voucher. The minimum voucher threshold is 2,000 points, which is a bit high considering the amount of time that it can take to gain points.

Remember, however, that you will get $5 for doing your first survey, so that will help you to reach the threshold faster than you may be able to on other websites. You can only cash out 2,000 points at a time. If you have 4,000 points, for example, you will need to cash out twice. The main cash-out method is via an Amazon voucher.

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How Easy Is It to Use Voz Latinum?

The setup of Voz Latinum makes it relatively easy to use. The surveys are simple to find, and you can also change your settings to ensure that you will get an email when new surveys are available for you to complete.

All in all, the surveys are easy to find and use, but the frequency of how often you get surveys might be the bigger issue. We will discuss that more in the section below.

We should also mention at this point that you do not have to be Latino or Hispanic to join this website. While the site does cater to brands that want to be able to survey these communities specifically, all U.S. residents can join the site.

If you are not Latino or Hispanic, however, you may not be able to participate in as many opportunities on this website.

Our Experience With Voz Latinum

Overall, we had mixed feelings about using Voz Latinum. While the premise of this site being available to give great survey opportunities to a specifically Hispanic and Latino community, there are simply not enough survey options on the website.

This could be because the site is specific, or it could be because there are a lot of members, but either way, it can feel like a grind to find enough surveys even to meet the cash-out threshold. Most users will be able to earn the equivalent of $25 in a month at most, and even this might be a stretch depending on your demographic.

While that was the biggest issue that we had with Voz Latinum, there are still some pros and cons that are worth looking at when deciding whether or not this survey site might be a good choice for you in the long run.


  • Great community for Latino and Hispanic survey takers
  • Bonus for the first survey
  • Simple sign up form
  • Pays out immediately


  • Limited surveys available
  • Some website glitches
  • High cash-out threshold
  • Limited cash-out options

As you can see, the cons that come with using this website are a bit stronger than the pros. Sure, you can make money on this site, and they pay out easily, but that doesn’t matter if there aren’t any surveys available to answer!


There is no doubt that Voz Latinum is a unique survey website. The site presents a unique opportunity for a specific audience, but it does not provide enough survey opportunities to be truly worth the time or energy investment that it takes to get yourself going on this website.

Still, if you like the idea of taking surveys in this area and don’t mind having to cash out less frequently, this can be a good website to keep on the side for doing surveys from time to time. You aren’t going to get rich using this website, but you might find some fun surveys to answer and entertain yourself.

This is a survey website that will pay you out for your time when you get a chance to take surveys, but it won’t always give you many opportunities.

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