Nowadays it is unimaginable to have a business or start one without a website. The internet and websites are helpful for all kinds of businesses. There are thousands of books and tutorials that will teach you how to use a website to improve your results. Visual design, content, themes, myriads of plugins, tips, and tricks to make your site appealing. Most of them focus on affirmative effects and possibilities.

But, your site is not appealing only to your customers or visitors. The internet is the modern era jungle. And in the jungle, the danger is always lurking. Viruses, worms, trojan horses and other ‘beasts’ called malware can attack, infect, and corrupt your computer or your site. This is where Sucuri comes in. For cyber attacks, you need to have cybersecurity. Sucuri offers some of the best solutions out there.

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Website security and protection are a standard these days. Everyone has some sort of protection, but do we pay enough attention to it? The truth is that there is no such thing as 100% protection. Cybersecurity is about reducing the risk as much as possible. It is an ongoing, never-ending process. While you try to improve your website security, hackers do the same searching for ways to breakthrough. 

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Did you know that the average website gets attacked more than 40 times a day? WordPress is the most popular open-source worldwide. It is estimated that WordPress runs roughly one-third of all sites on the web. For that reason, it is very popular among hackers as well. While WordPress is a pretty secure CMS, it is recommendable to take some extra precautions to keep your site running smooth and malware-free.

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What Is Sucuri

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Sucuri is the world’s leading website security company. It was founded in 2010 by Daniel Cid. In 2010 it went private and Tony Perez and Dre Armeda joined the team as co-founders. In 2017, it was acquired by tech giant GoDaddy.

Sucuri was very successful from day one and it kept growing fast and steady ever since. When it comes to website security, they are very popular among both small and large companies. Sucuri’s experience, dedication, and drive to keep improving guarantees that they are here to stay.

Sucuri offers a range of products and services to meet all of your needs when it comes to security and protection. However, there are basically two most popular products to keep intruders at bay: WordPress security plugin and cloud-based Website Security Platform.

WordPress Sucuri Security Plugin

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Sucuri Security plugin is a free WordPress plugin that will provide an excellent level of protection for your website. You need to install it just like any other regular plugin. It comes with a great interface and simple options to upgrade your security. 

File integrity checker is probably the most notable feature of this plugin. Changing core files is the most common way that hackers use to create a backdoor. To prevent intrusions, integrity checker compares the current state with previously created known good. If there are any differences, you know that something’s wrong.

The remote scanner will search for malware, errors, outdated themes or any other problems. Checking blacklist engines is an interesting ability of this scanner. It can see if your website is flagged by these blacklisting engines for security reasons. However, being remote, this scanning process has its limitations. It won’t detect threats that are on the server if they aren’t displaying on the browser.

Security hardening is another great feature of the plugin. It allows you to track the current status of your security and to identify possible weak spots. There are several tools and actions available to harden those weak spots.

Post-Heck actions is actually a guide to recover after the intrusion. This section will walk you through the necessary steps to restore safety.

Finally, Sucuri’s security alert is a feature that allows you to be notified about possible problems. It is customizable. You can set these alerts to be silent or loud. Also, you can set the triggers for different events and exclude specific files from the alert option.

Website Firewall

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You have an option to add Sucuri Website Firewall to your Sucuri Security plugin. The free plan doesn’t include Sucuri Firewall, so you have to purchase it to improve your security with this tool. It is integrated, though, so you just have to activate it. There is also a possibility to use a Website Firewall independently. Anyway, there is no need to install it. You just need to adjust your DNS and your traffic will be filtered through Sucuri’s secure network. 

Sucuri Firewall protects your website from brute force attacks, denial of service attacks (DOS and DDOS), zero-day threats, and more. High-performance caching will allow you not only to maintain the speed of your site but to improve it slightly.

Website Security Platform

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Sucuri Website Security platform is a cloud-based security solution. Basically, it has all of the features that you get with Sucuri Firewall. In addition, you will get many monitoring and detection features, as well as several response services and actions. Monitoring features include malware detection, file change checking, scans, blacklist, DNS and SSL monitoring.

Response services include post-hack cleanup, malware removal, blacklist removals, and even repair of SEO spam, among other features. A clean backup is another must-have feature that this platform provides. So, overall you get the most comprehensive and responsive protection.

You can choose one of four available plans, from Basic Plan to Enterprise Plan. The major difference between plans is the response time and frequency of monitoring features. For example, the basic plan includes scans and checkouts every 12 hours. With Business Plan you will get the same checkouts every 30 minutes.

Plugin or Cloud-Based Security

Obviously, there are several effective options for website security. But, which one is the best? 

If you are looking for a simple answer, I would say – cloud-based security

While cloud-based platforms provide more versatile and all-round protection, some people argue that it is not necessary to have so powerful protection. After all, with better plans comes a heftier price. On the other hand, you have quite solid basic WordPress protection and excellent free plugins that will protect your site from most of the threats. At the end of the day, it is a matter of opinion and specific needs.

WordPress plugins will provide decent protection. They are easy to install and use. Moreover, they are designed specifically for WordPress which makes them easy to customize and tailor to your needs. However, these plugins sit on your server. It means that unwanted traffic reaches your server before being processed, blocked or removed. As a result, your site can get flooded and overloaded by the volume of traffic. Furthermore, it will slow down your site. 

This is actually the major advantage of cloud-based security. Cloud-based firewall fends off the attacks using proxy cloud servers. That way, cloud-based firewall reduces the load on your server and it won’t slow down or even shut down during the attack. Furthermore, smart caching options will optimize your site’s performance and actually improve the speed of your site.

So, in my opinion, it all comes down to pricing. If you run on a tight budget free plugins can provide solid protection. With cloud-based plans, you buy more versatile and better-supported security. You get more peace of mind.

Final Word

Sucuri is one of the leaders in the website security industry for a good reason. They are dedicated to innovations and improvements which is necessary to keep up with ever-evolving hacking techniques. On the other hand, meeting the needs of your customers is equally important. Well, Sucuri does a great job in both fields.

Whether you want a free security plugin or state-of-the-art enterprise plan with 24/7/365 support, Sucuri has a solution. Regardless of the plan, it takes less than 4 hours on average, to answer customer inquiries. 

There is no final solution to the fight against hackers and malware. It is an everlasting process. However, one thing is for sure: with Sucuri you get top-notch security programs and services.

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