We live in a hectic, busy era. We are always busy and always running late. At least I am. Without the help of the internet, I would’ve never got things done. Someone said: “If it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist”. While this is not completely true, it is a statement that depicts today’s way of life. It is also an answer to the question of why do you need a WordPress calendar plugin.

While some people are afraid of the continual growth of the internet, the truth is that it makes life easier, and it can improve every aspect of our existence. We just need to use it to our benefit. Calendar plugin might seem to be an unnecessary addition to your website, but trust me, it is not. Whether you run a small company or a blog, WordPress calendar plugin can be helpful. With an online event calendar, your friends, customers, and readers are just a couple of clicks away from being informed about events, appointments, and bookings on your website. 

lady setting up a calendar on her wordpress website

You may need a simple calendar or interactive one with many possibilities. But, you do need one, anyway. Just imagine any kind of business: doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, restaurant, hotel, hairdresser shop, and so on. All these businesses rely on appointments. If you can do it online, it really makes it easier and more convenient for everyone. Efficiency leads to success, so I suppose you get the picture. For other businesses that don’t need regular appointments, it is still helpful to share information fast and easy. Your customers or clients can see all the events on your website.

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So, here’s the list of our top choices, not necessarily in that order.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar wp plugin page

The Events Calendar is probably the most popular WordPress calendar plugin. It is developed by Modern Tribe, a reputable WordPress digital company. Regular updates and solid support via WordPress forums. The basic plan is free. Pro Plan offers much more options and premium support with up to 48 hours response time. It is also very easy to use.

The Events Calendar probably isn’t the best plugin out there when it comes to special features and countless offers. But, it is probably the best base option

This plugin allows you to create events easily with venue and organizer options. It integrates smoothly with Google Maps, Google Calendar, and iCal for syncing with your accounts and exporting options. Also, it comes with a widget for upcoming events. The Events Calendar is fully responsive and translation-ready. It means you can use it pretty much everywhere around the world. The plugin has a beautiful and highly customizable interface. Several extensions are available, but if you need more features you should probably opt for Pro Plan.

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My Calendar

My Calendar plugin for wp download page

My Calendar is another nice, free WordPress calendar plugin. There is also a premium version for needy users. The basic free plan comes with pretty much regular features. However, My Calendar stands out from the crowd for its ability to place multiple calendars on one site and an ability to support WordPress multisite. 

You can choose a grid or list view for your site. It also shows events in daily, weekly, and monthly view. With the basic plan, you will also get widgets for Event search, Compact Calendar, today’s events, and upcoming events. Style editor and template editor will allow you to customize the looks pretty quickly and easy. 

If you need more advanced functionality, you can opt for Premium Plan. You can buy a single year license or you can opt for a permanent license. Either way, My Calendar is quite affordable. Low price and WordPress multisite support make this plugin a front runner for those who need multiple calendars.

Modern Event Calendar

Modern Event Calendar download page for wp Good ideas spread like fire today, so it is very hard to be different and unique. But, that’s exactly what the authors of Modern Event  Calendar have done. Modern Event Calendar offers a variety of features and a very rich basic free plan. But, it really stands out for its beautiful design right out of the box. This plugin offers some common features like list view, alongside countdown view and daily or weekly views. You can create an unlimited number of events. Shortcode generator is another nice feature of this plugin.

It is also a quite generous offer when it comes to free options. Online booking system and recurring events are my favorites. Moreover, it is compatible with the most popular page builders and WooCommerce. Pro version comes with many neat advanced features like a weather module that shows weather for the event location.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar time.ly for wordpress

All-in-One Event Calendar is yet another popular WordPress calendar and event plugin. It has a beautiful design and a lot of features. Truth be told, the basic plan is really basic, and you’ll probably need some addons to fully appreciate this plugin.

The basic plan comes with four different themes. Each theme can be customized further by changing the color of the background, buttons or text. It integrates with Google Maps to show the location of the event. Recurring events feature is also available. It integrates smoothly with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook, but these options are available with Premium Plan only.

Storing venues, Twitter integration, and ticketing come with an upgraded version as well. I like the fact that you don’t have to opt for Premium plans to get a better product. If you need just one or two extra features you can purchase specific addons. Of course, you can get them all at once for a full variety of features.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar download page for wp

The name says it all. Booking doesn’t always come with freemium edition, but Booking Calendar is based on this feature. By the way, it is one of the oldest WordPress calendar plugins, being available since 2009. Booking is a necessary feature for a variety of small businesses. All businesses that rely on appointments, like hairstylists, makeup artists, doctors, lawyers, and many more can benefit from an easy and fast way to make an appointment.

The basic free plan is pretty simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It comes with email notification feature, pagination, options to accept or decline bookings. Double bookings are prevented and CAPTCHA support will make sure you won’t receive spam.

As for paying options, it is almost ridiculous how many additional features are available. The pricing structure is flexible, though, so you can opt for upgrades that suit your needs.

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar - Google Calendar Plugin wp plugin page preview

Google Calendar is very popular. Because of that many WordPress calendar plugins have an option to integrate with Google Calendar. Well, Simple Calendar is designed to work with Google Calendar. So, if you are a power user of Google calendar or you want to keep it simple and easy, this plugin is a great choice. It is open-source software so it is free. There is a Premium version that requires paying, though.

Basically, Simple Calendar adds Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. It is fully responsive and it has a nice design. You can display events from any public Google Calendar. It comes with monthly grids and list views. You can also keep managing events in Google calendar. Basic customizing is also available. So it is not the most versatile freemium plugin, but it’s very easy to use.

There are several different Premium plans and they are more or less affordable when compared to the competition.

Events Manager

Events Manager homepage preview

Events Manager is a highly regarded WordPress calendar and event plugin. It is not the most affordable one but its freemium version is among the most versatile ones. You can manage single or multi-day events. Scheduling recurring events option is available as well. It integrates with Google Maps. Events Manager is a highly customizable calendar plugin. It offers a lot of settings, formatting, and design options to allow you complete control. 

This plugin is really powerful with plenty of features. You can tag and categorize events. Widgets for calendar, events, and locations will help your users to check out the current status of the event at a glance. You can use a role manager to define what your visitors can or can’t see. 

With the Premium version, you will get many more features such as PayPal integration, ticketing, and many more. Overall, Events Manager is extremely versatile and customizable plugin.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar wp download page

It is often better to keep things simple. That is the idea behind this WordPress calendar plugin. WP Simple Booking Calendar offers a limited number of features in its free version, but it works smoothly and looks beautiful. It has a wonderful design and intuitive user interface. While it’s easy for you to set it, it is ridiculously simple for your visitors. So, if you need a simple and beautiful calendar to show your availability for months, this plugin is a great choice.

Furthermore, the Premium version is also affordable. It comes with many advanced features such as multiple calendar overview, WordPress multisite support, syncing, and customizing abilities. It also comes with a shortcode generator, widget for booking, and export files option. 

This plugin is specific and it is most certainly not the best overall. However, with one of the best user interfaces, it can perfectly meet the needs of specific users. 


EventOn wp calendar plugin preview

EventOn is one of the best-selling WordPress calendar plugins. It doesn’t have a free version. Still, it has to be on every best-of list because it offers a lot. EventOn is a powerful and versatile calendar plugin. But, the first thing that catches the eye is a visual appearance. Beautiful tile design comes with a ton of features. It includes Google Maps integration, shortcode generator, recurring events, and a wide range of customizing abilities. 

However, before you purchase this plugin I recommend to check out features carefully. Even though the core plugin comes with a bunch of features you still might need some addons. There are more than 35 addons available to meet every possible need of yours. But, it can get a little bit pricey. If you have a limited budget and simple needs, this is probably not the best plugin for you. But, if you are looking for a stylish, powerful, and flexible calendar plugin, EventOn is a great choice.

Calendarize It!

Calendarize It plugin for wordpress

Calendarize It! is a premium WordPress calendar plugin. It is packed with features. Of course, it is expected because there’s no free plan. Still, the core plugin is affordable and very flexible. It comes with a bunch of pre-built layout styles and templates. Moreover, it is compatible with WPBakery’s Page Builder and Gutenberg. With drag and drop editor you can easily customize and design your calendar any way you want it. It comes with widgets, a selection of color schemes, several advanced filters, support for recurring events and many more.

If the core features aren’t enough for you there are several free addons to upgrade it. There’s also a long list of premium addons for improved functionality.

Overall, Calendarize It! is a well-rounded, powerful, and flexible plugin. Most notably, it comes with almost limitless possibilities to customize the visual appearance.

Final Thoughts 

Obviously, there’s a vast number of calendar plugins available. Some of them are free and simple, while others offer myriads of features. These are some of the best plugins out there, but keep in mind that there isn’t such thing as the best calendar plugin. What’s best for me might not suit your needs.

These plugins offer a variety of features, but you should start with the list of your own needs. Don’t get carried away with bells and whistles that you don’t really need. Furthermore, I would recommend trying a demo version before you make a final decision.