Let’s say you have an eCommerce website that sells clothes. If I, as a visitor, came to your website, I would be most likely to buy stuff that are on discount or sale. But even though it works most of the time, that’s not the only way to lure me into buying something. It’s even better if you set up a timer to let me know that there’s only six hours left to snag it with the discount. Or that the stock is almost gone. To do that, you will need a WordPress Countdown Plugin. This article will give you some ideas, as well as a deeper understanding of how these plugins work.

As all of us know, the human mind is a complex system. But psychologists and marketers know even better than that. Much as we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, our decisions are heavily influenced by urgency.

man holding a large countdown clock

Let’s take an example. These days, I’ve been thinking about how wonderful it would be to spend more time in nature. Then, I come across an online store that sells sporting goods. And there are awesome bicycles at 80% off. While that’s a great bargain, I wouldn’t normally buy one. After all, I am not sure if I really want it. But if there’s a countdown letting me know that this sale will end in 10 hours – bingo! I am now very likely to buy a bike and do it quickly before they run out of stock.

So, that single plugin just got me to spend a couple hundred bucks. If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t go further than adding the item to my wishlist. And keep on looking for an even better deal, until I decide that I actually need something else.

5 Top WordPress Countdown Plugins

Countdown Timer – WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin

Countdown Timer wp plugin preview

With this plugin, everything is about stimulating users to act fast. You can use it to show timers, sale banners, special offer banners, urgency countdowns, limited-shipping banners, and much more. You can also show clients or buyers count, as a way of vouching for the product’s quality and popularity. Or the number of people currently viewing the page or product. Possibilities are virtually endless. Add any kind of message or button above or below the counter as an extra layer of persuasion.

People are naturally afraid of missing out on great offers. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the fact. Your holiday sale banners will be customized, with colors and icons to reflect the mood.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown

WooCommerce Sales plugin preview

Seasonal and/or holiday sales are an awesome way to boost your revenue. And they work so well precisely because they are timed. If you are planning a Memorial Day campaign, it will be all the more effective if you set up a countdown box showing the time your visitors have left. Or, if you’re planning to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day, you can count down the time before it starts.

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With this plugin, you can showcase timers along with each of your products, or show a general timer in your sidebar area. In case you have a lot of products, don’t worry – the plugin is lightweight and won’t affect your website’s loading speed.

The Countdown Pro

Countdown Pro wp plugin layout

Add the countdown either to your content (such as blog post or announcement) or to sidebar area. It can count back or forth, whichever suits you better. You can add an unlimited number of countdowns all over the website, and customize each of them by changing the styles, colors, and formats.

Plus, you can set up an expiration date for your posts, reducing your workload in the future. Or, if an event is recurring, you can set it up to reactivate and shut down on designated dates and times. The plugin includes a shortcode generator and a sidebar widget.

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown plugin for wordpress

Not everyone will need this WooCommerce extension. But to those of you who are using coupons as another incentive for your customers, it will prove extremely helpful. You can use it to show coupon codes and their validity in real time. There’s even an option for the coupon to automatically expire a certain number of days after a user registers or buys a product. And you can limit the coupon usage per user.

By taking advantage of this extension, you will combine two very effective approaches: the sense of urgency will multiply the allure of coupons. That’s a win-win situation, both for you and your customers.

redCountdown – Circular Countdown

redCountdown wp plugin preview

If you prefer to have circular countdowns, this plugin should work nice for you. The design is clean and unobtrusive. And even though red is in its name, your countdowns don’t have to be red. You can choose from 12 presets, which you can easily modify and customize. Here’s how it works.

You get a popup where you can fill in all the settings – text, style, elements. Then, you need to click “Add”, and the tool will generate your shortcode. Admittedly, this plugin doesn’t come with much functionality, but works perfectly for those of you who don’t need a bunch of different options.