What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of popup forms? Is it annoying, aggressive and irritating? Well, that’s exactly how I would have described it a couple of years ago. However, statistics and reports show a very different picture. I won’t go that far to claim that you can’t have a successful site without WordPress popup plugin. But, it is an undeniable fact that you will have a higher conversion rate and much better results overall. So forget about prejudices and install a popup plugin if you don’t have one already.

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If you resent popup forms, it is not the end of the story. There are ways to use the conversion potential of popup plugin without destroying the user experience. Not all of the popups are annoying, and popups don’t necessarily pop up from everywhere. Yes, they will always feel a little bit pushy, but you can minimize that pushy feeling and maximize the visual appearance of your popup box. So, even though the popup plugin is necessary, it is not that simple. Your goal should be to find a balance between the benefits that popup plugin offers and a disruption that might drive your visitors away.

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What to Look For in WordPress Popup Plugin

WordPress popup plugins offer a variety of features. Most of them will do the job, and specifics depend on your preferences. However, there are a few general aspects to pay attention to.

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 First of all, it is speed. No one likes slow loading pages, and plugins can slow your site down. So, look for plugins with satisfying speed before you move on to check out the features.

 Ease of use is not absolutely necessary, but I believe that it is important. You don’t want to hire a developer for every single upgrade and improvement as your website grows. Easy-to-use popup plugins will allow you to do it yourself.

When it comes to features some of them are very useful, while others are nice and fun, but maybe not necessary. It depends on your ideas and areas that you want to focus on. Still, as a general rule, you should look for plugins with a variety of targeting options, a range of triggers and available analytics and A/B testing function.


OptinMonster popup email list preview page

There is a reason why we put OptinMonster at the top of our list. It is one of the oldest and one of the best popup plugins. For starters, it is highly optimized for speed. Actually, it is probably the fastest popup plugin. Fast loading time is crucial for your success. Ease of use is another outstanding feature of OptinMonster. The drag-and-drop visual editor makes things easy. Creating a popup form is fun and easy. You can use existing templates or use their Canvas feature to create and customize it any way you want. 

Lightbox popup, mobile popups, advanced targeting, multiple triggers, several types of optin forms and boxes, and exit intent are some of the most important features of OptinMonster. Now you get an idea how did they come up with the name. Furthermore, built-in A/B split testing module and analytics will allow you to evaluate and analyze your results. So, whatever you can think of, OptinMonster can do. It is really a great and versatile tool. 

The only downside is the fact that there is no free version. Having said that there are four different plans with different prices, so it is an affordable plugin that will help your website tremendously.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro plugin popup homepage preview

Elementor Pro is actually a page builder that offers a Popup builder feature among many others. It offers a wide variety of popup forms. The offer includes fly-ins, slide-ins, full-screen overlays and many more. Drag-and-drop builder will allow you to create and edit popups with ease. There are more than a hundred built-in templates to choose from. Or you can design it from scratch.

Elementor allows you to use regular Elementor widgets, so you can include buttons, countdowns, opt-in forms, contact forms, registration forms and more. It also offers a variety of triggering and targeting options. If you are into the design and style options it is hard to beat Elementor Pro. It offers a lot of flexibility and allows a lot of creativity. It really covers anything you can think of when it comes to popup design and functions. 

However, it lacks two important things: A/B testing and analytics. So, it is not the most complete popup plugin. To cut the story short, you get the top performance and freedom with design, but with no tracking abilities. 


SumoMe popup builder homepage preview

SumoMe is another very popular popup plugin. Their strategy is sort of unique. It offers a free basic plan which is a good way to gain popularity. On the other hand, Sumo focuses on versatility. Besides email, it will help you with your social media, link building, heat maps, and analytic tools. So, overall it is an interesting plugin. 

However, it has some limitations. While it offers some great features, such as great analytics, there is only one popup template in a free version. Also, there will be a prominent Sumo branding across your site, unless you upgrade to a Pro version.

So, it is hard to figure out who is this plugin for. Of course, if you are just starting your marketing and run on a tight budget, Sumo free plan is a great tool to start with. However, when you decide to go for more, Sumo Pro version offers great advanced features but falls on the more expensive side. Anyway, it is worth considering.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups banner features preview

Ninja Popups is a well-rounded popup plugin. It doesn’t have a free plan, but its basic offer is quite extensive and offers a variety of useful functions. The focus of Ninja Popups is on the design. It comes with more than 70 popup themes. If you want to create it from scratch, a visual drag-and-drop builder will make it easy. Also, more than 70 animation effects provide great freedom for your creativity and make this plugin stand out from the crowd. 

As for triggering options, they include scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, and user inactivity. Targeting options are not so extensive, but page-level targeting is a nice option. Tracking options are well covered as well. A/B testing and analytics are included. Another nice feature is anti-adblocker technology. It allows you to bypass ad blockers that some of your visitors use.

Overall, Ninja Popups offer all necessary features and much more when it comes to creative freedom and visual design.

Popup Maker

Popup Maker WordPress Popup Plugin preview page

PopupMaker is a free WordPress popup plugin. It is one of the best-rated popup plugins. So, I’d say that its best feature is the fact that it works great and makes users very happy. It is very flexible and offers a wide variety of building and customizing options. A stand out feature is its WooCommerce integration which allows specific targeting of users based on their e-commerce activities. Also, it integrates easily with form building solutions. It really offers all you can think of and more.

Having said that, the only downside of this plugin is a somewhat limited free version. It lacks visual editor, exit intent option, analytics, and advanced targeting options. However, you can buy 16 different extensions to upgrade whatever you need most. Or you can get them all.

Overall, the secret of its success lies in the fact that it offers a reliable and simple free version, while paid extensions offer fantastic and versatile features. 

Popup Builder

Popup Builder wp plugin preview page

It is a WordPress modal popup plugin that allows you to customize the design and functionality to meet your needs. Popup Builder is easy to use and you can create and manage an unlimited number of popups. You can insert any kind of content into your popups. Plenty of animation effects are available to customize your popups. It also offers a variety of targeting and triggering options.

Similar to Popup Maker, a free version has some limitations. But, then again, Pro version offers a lot of options and functions. It is yet another plugin that offers a nice and solid free plan that can easily be upgraded if needed.


Icegram wordpress plugin page preview

Icegram is relatively new popup plugin that focuses on simplicity and affordability. It has a free version which is quite simple to use. It also offers only a limited number of triggering and targeting options. I must say that the text-based interface is not very appealing but it is easy to use. 

Premium version offers a lot more and it is still affordable. It comes with A/B testing function and analytics. Triggering options include on-click, scroll and exit intent functions. As for targeting you will get geolocation and retargeting options along with page, user and device targeting options that come with a free version.

If you want to keep it simple and not expensive this might be a good choice.

Bloom Email Opt-Ins

Bloom wordpress plugin homepage

Bloom is a popup plugin created by Elegant Themes. It comes as a part of the full Elegant Themes package. This makes it a little bit inconvenient or expensive if you are looking for a popup plugin only. However, it has something to offer.

Bloom has probably the most visually appealing dashboard which is kind of nice. Beautiful templates, 115 of them, make Bloom stand out. Besides regular triggering options like time on page, scroll, and inactivity Bloom offers two unique triggers: after commenting and after purchasing. Targeting options are not as deep, though. Analytics and A/B tests are included.

However, there are a couple of shortcomings. There is no visual drag-and-drop builder, although 100+ customizable templates can make up for this. A lack of exit-intent function is a big negative in my notebook.

Overall, I would say that beauty covers for some limitations when it comes to advanced features.

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination plugin for wp homepage

PopUp Domination is one of the oldest popup plugins, but still running strong. Strictly speaking, it is not a WordPress plugin but a SaaS tool like OptinMonster. It doesn’t have a free version so you have full access to all of the advanced features. PopUp Domination is a versatile and flexible plugin. It offers more than 100 templates, and extensive targeting and triggering options. Moreover, it comes with A/B testing and analytics as well. So, it is a great popup plugin overall. 

However, they have a unique and a bit confusing pricing system. It charges you based on the number of views your popups get across all of your sites. It means that if you have a lot of low traffic site this would be a good deal. But if you have one site with high traffic this might not be the best option for you.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro wp plugin homepage preview

Convert Pro is a WordPress popup plugin. Visual drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create and customize your popups. More than 100  templates and 8 different types of popups provide a lot of options. It comes with a great number of triggers and targeting options as well. Convert Pro can be integrated with most popular email marketing services. You get a flexible A/B testing for optimizing. Analytics are included. 

So, they have it all covered. It is a versatile and flexible WordPress popup plugin. Convert Pro doesn’t have a free plan, though. However, you can get a lot of functionality for a one-time fee. 

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