Back in the olden days of analogue era, it was extremely hard to become a writer. Not that it required more skills than it does today. It was hard because the only way for people to read you was to get published in print. Which meant having a number of people judge and estimate your work before the audience even gets a chance to do it.

Thankfully, today it’s just a matter of your own initiative. You don’t have to get official approvement and endorsement from external authorities. Of course, it won’t hurt if you have it. But you won’t be annihilated as a writer just because a single person doesn’t like your work. Let the audience find you and speak for themselves. That’s what your website is all about. And its main visual vibe comes from an adequate WordPress theme.

writer having creative ideas

Your website’s theme won’t make or break you as a writer, but it has the power to either attract readers or drive them away before they even got a chance to read a single word of your writing. Think of it this way. A physical, brick-and-mortar store can have wonderful merchandise, but if it looks sloppy, the majority of people won’t even enter.

And why should they enter if the owner hasn’t even bothered to attract them with the looks? True enough, appearance isn’t everything. But it showcases a business owner’s regard for their customers or prospects. And if you write or intend to write for a living, you are a business owner, whether you look at it that way or not.

Why Is It Important to Have a Great WordPress Theme as a Writer?

  1. People can read you from any device. Great WordPress writers themes are responsive, which means they will adjust to your device, and not the other way around. I’m sure we’ve all had a chance to browse the Internet on our smartphones and stumble upon a website that isn’t optimized and responsive. I’m also sure that 90% of us bounce off an unresponsive website without reading a single word. Readers don’t appreciate those sites, but Google appreciates them even less – in fact, it penalizes them. So, the consequences can be disastrous.
  2. You can sell your stuff without waiting for others to do it. A good WordPress theme that works with WooCommerce plugin and support will automate your sales, so that people can buy directly from you, without any mediators (such as a publishing house). Maybe you don’t even collaborate with publishers. You can offer some of the stuff for free, to give the readers a taste of your writing, and sell other work.
  3. Take advantage of plugins without actually installing them. WooCommerce that I mentioned above is a plugin. Contact Form 7 is another plugin that lets you easily make contact forms so that the readers can have a neat way to contact you. MailChimp is yet another plugin for your email marketing campaigns. And the list goes on. Having a good WordPress theme means you won’t have to bother looking up additional plugins, purchasing and installing them. It should have most of those you’ll need already integrated.
  4. Writing is about aesthetics. Just like a website is. As I said above, your website will reflect many aspects of your business, and beauty is one of them. It’s impossible to define a beautiful website – it just depends on too many variables. But it should definitely be clean, uncluttered, elegant, easy to read. Nowadays, minimalism is preferred to flamboyance, so you might do well if you stick with it.

Top 10 Writer WordPress Themes – Reviews

When it comes to WordPress templates for writers, there are hundreds of thousands of them spread across many different repositories. I could make a list of a hundred themes, but instead of overwhelming you with so much information you won’t have the time to read, I will put up a list of 10 WordPress themes for writers that I think are the best.

Before we dig into the list, let’s get one thing clear. As a writer or author, you don’t have to choose a theme specialized for writers. For example, if you have a lot of compelling photos that showcase your writing or ideas really well, you can choose a theme specialized for photographers. That’s why I tried to include various WordPress themes for writers, to give you an idea of what I mean. Feel free to choose whatever works best for you.

Literatum – Just Write

literatum theme homepage

What I find so amazing with this theme is that it has wonderful visuals that complement the writing, instead of distracting the visitor from it. Even though it was good in previous versions too, it got even better with the latest updates. If you are having co-authors or guest authors, their names and avatars will pop up along with yours. It displays the articles word count, so the readers will have a clear idea of how much time reading an article will consume. (Might not be the best idea if all your writings are very lengthy!) And even the post titles and subtitles can get format tags now. You can activate the dynamic AJAX navigation so your visitors can have a more seamless experience browsing through the site. Plus, an article can convert into an interview at a click of the mouse.

Impose – Theme for Bloggers

impose wordpress theme layout

If you want to organize your website around your personal brand, Impose would probably be the right thing for you. What singles it out from other similar themes is the option of having a personal intro page with your photo and animated copy with crucial words (such as your occupation) rotating. A plethora of layouts lets you customize the blog however you want – arrange your blog posts in lists, grid, waterfall, regular, masonry, with or without sidebar, and more. Or you can feature your best posts in a customizable slider. Whichever layout you choose, your typography will be spotless. Included are MailChimp and NinjaForms plugins, so you can easily organize your email marketing efforts and create various contact forms.

Typology – Text Based Minimal Blog Theme

typology wordpress theme preview

Who says a perfect blog post, or even a website, has to have myriads of images? It can work very well and look awesome without a single image, and this theme proves it. Of course, if you really want to, you have an option of garnishing the text with images. But the lack of them won’t ruin anything. This theme offers six layouts, three post and page types, as well as many widgets to customize your visitors’ experience. It loads faster than 97% of tested sites – which is no wonder at all, considering its simple and clean interface. More features include WooCommerce, Co-Authors Plus, built-in translation. And just like the name says, you will have countless opportunities to really shine with beautiful typography.

Literary: A Blog Theme with a Twist

literary wordpress theme layout

Two things are worth noting right away: this theme was made for mobile users first. That doesn’t mean you can’t read it on a desktop, but it certainly means it will look best on small screens. The other thing – it has two post types, for showcasing your work and presenting your portfolio. You can also post announcements to appear at the top, which is a great idea when you’ve got a new book coming up and you want to tease the readers’ imaginations. It’s a versatile theme for writers, authors, photographers, journalists, illustrators, or pretty much anyone else who likes clean design without too much noise. If you don’t like the default colors, change them into just about any other colors you like.

Paperio – Multipurpose Blog Theme

paperio theme homepage

Whichever of the seven layouts you choose, this theme will look very stylish. It’s well built for news, magazine, personal blogging, home decor, fashion and lifestyle, travel, food, art, photography, portfolio, business and finance websites. But let’s see what it offers to writers. If you have lots of beautiful photos, they will really shine and emphasize the text that follows them. Choose from five different slider styles that will showcase your best works. Make all little tweaks with Live Customizer, without installing any additional plugins that would make your workflow more complicated.

The Writer – Blogging Theme

thewriter wordpress theme

When you aren’t sure if photos or text do your work more justice, you can go with both! Even if your articles are pretty long, reading will be a breeze with this enjoyable theme. If you tend to publish blog posts often and like a pretty and dynamic way of presenting them, look no further. The moment I saw this theme, I thought to myself: this design could make any topics interesting to me! The theme is easy to use, relying mostly on the drag-and-drop technique. Almost anything can be customized – choose or change layouts, borders, colors, backgrounds, headers, footers, take advantage of different widgets.

The Novelist – Theme for Writers

novelist wordpress theme layout

If I were to pick a single WordPress theme that any novel reader will fall in love with instantly, I would opt for this one. It works (and almost smells) like a library – you get to see the page of contents, index, bio in “About” section. There aren’t many layout options not because the creators were lazy, but because the theme only needs the default layout. The creators have disclosed it and I agree: it’s not the best idea for basic blogging, with the focus on the author herself. It’s a theme for novelists, or rather – their novels.

The Thinker – Simple Blogging Theme

thinker one of the better wordpress themes for writers

Behold the third part of my favorite “Writer” trilogy of WordPress themes, along with The Writer and The Novelist. The Thinker, however, is less specific. Its elegant and versatile looks suit pretty much any kind of blogging. You can customize the slider, choose from four page templates, adjust colors and regroup different elements. Apart from its nice appearance, the theme’s main selling point is the Soliloquy Slider, which you can use within pages, posts, widgets. Most importantly, you’ll get WooCommerce support. The Jetpack plugin allows for creative freedom, so you can have different post types, including portfolio.

Gutentype – Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog

gutentype wordpress theme

Installing this theme on your WordPress website means having a wide choice when it comes to pre-built layouts. Choose from Minimalist, Creative, Shop, Classic, Lifestyle, Grid, Masonry, News, Agency, Crypto. If that’s not enough, more layouts are to follow soon! The theme’s name means that it comes with the Gutenberg editor, which is extremely flexible and convenient for creating multimedia-rich posts. This theme is probably the most versatile from my list. You can use it for niche blogs, professional, writer’s, guest post blogs, business, entertaining, and many more. It will load extremely fast since the interface isn’t cluttered. You won’t have to crop or resize your images, as the theme will do it for you, adjusting them to fit your purpose.

Ribtun – Blog Theme for Writers

ribtun wordpress theme

One of the most stylish options out there, this theme is my second choice (next to Typology) where no images are required. If you do have beautiful imagery, it will look very compelling in the Revolution Slider against the black background (or any other color you choose). Or you can put up a gallery of your images, with six different options. The theme was designed with extreme attention to detail, so it doesn’t look plain and flat even though it’s minimalistic. Choose from four layouts, each with its own unique typography, which you can also change and customize if you like. You won’t have to worry much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), since this theme comes optimized to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines.