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Making money online always seems like a good idea, but many of us find ourselves stumped at the very first step. This step includes knowing which sites are genuine and which ones are those simply looking to collect our personal information.

Yo Opinion is one of the more popular online paid survey sites currently available. In this article, we’ll take a good look at how their platform works as well as the pros and cons that come with using their system. By the end of this review, you’ll not only know the legitimacy of Yo Opinion, but you’ll also be able to make an educated decision as to whether or not it’s worth adding this paid survey site to your online cash flow.

Company Overview

Yo Opinion is part of a much larger panel survey group, MIS (Made In Surveys) Group. Launched in 2001, MIS have introduced numerous survey sites, focus groups, and marketing offices.

With over 15 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative market research, MIS has over 40 online communities dedicated to providing market researchers with access to a hugely varied demographic.

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How To Sign Up

Yo Opinion has made the signup process rather straightforward by laying out the user registration form on their homepage. This allows potential members to join the Yo Opinion community with ease as they fill out the generic form with the usual name and address details required for any survey site.

After completing the basic registration form, you’ll need to confirm your account through the link emailed to you by Yo Opinion. This is the final process to be completed in order to be a full member of the Yo Opinion community.

How It Works

Yo Opinion offer surveys and questionnaires that pay out cash for every successful completion. Members are invited to surveys through email if they fit the researcher’s demographic. For instance, it is known that mothers and fathers are more likely to receive surveys related to baby products.

Each researcher assigns a cash value to their surveys. This can earn the participant anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

The number of invitations received is completely dependent on what the researchers are currently looking for at the time. This can lead to numerous invitations within a short period of time or receiving only one survey invite every month or two.


Yo Opinion is one of the few fantastic sites that offer cash payouts in exchange for completed surveys. Survey participants are required to achieve a cash balance of $10 or more before they can make a withdrawal from their account balance.

Upon reaching this limit, the members are allowed to withdraw either through the use of PayPal or directly via a bank transfer. Being able to withdraw cash in such an immediate fashion truly sets Yo Opinion apart from the rest of the survey sites currently available. Upon request of withdrawal, it typically takes anywhere up to 10 days for the funds to appear.

Members can also enter Yo Opinions mini polls as well as monthly prize draws in order to top up their rewards totals. Yo Opinion also offers challenges and paid interviews on their Facebook page for all of those members actively seeking a boost in funds.

For those who answer enough questionnaires or mini polls, they can enter the monthly VIP draw. This VIP draw offers prizes of $250 in value to numerous winners and if you qualify you are automatically entered.

Our Experience

Landing on the Yo Opinion website can leave potential members feeling a little underwhelmed because it isn’t the most professionally clean websites when compared to other survey sites currently available. This being said, it was extremely easy to get started earning rewards.

Across all the surveys sites that we’ve reviewed Yo Opinion does have a low payout threshold, but it is certainly not the lowest. Most sites nowadays are offering payouts when members achieve as little as $5.

The payout request period is also quite long when compared to other survey sites. This is especially true when you consider the speed in which bank transfers or PayPal typically process the payments.

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With regards to frequencies of savers available, you can expect your typical waiting periods as found on other survey sites, which is approximately one survey every three to six weeks. Obviously, this is completely dependent on your demographic as this could both increase or decrease depending on the researcher’s requirements.


  • PayPal and bank transfer payouts
  • Completely free service
  • Has a reasonable number of available surveys


  • Up to 10-day payout period
  • Not the lowest payout threshold


Is my information shared?

Yo Opinion makes sure that all of your private information is kept confidential and only the answers to your surveys are shared with the researchers. These answers are randomly added alongside answers of many other members to provide further anonymity.

In addition to that, Yo Opinion also provides full access to the data you provide them with. This allows you to update or delete it at any time.

How much can I earn through Yo Opinion?

As with many other survey sites, this sum varies depending on what surveys are available at the time, your eligibility, as well as your availability to answer them. Most members typically see anywhere between $3 and $5 per survey and will be automatically invited to a survey if they prove to be eligible.

What do I do if I suffer a problem when attempting to complete my survey?

More often than not, surveys become inaccessible through a fault in the user’s internet connection. This could be signal strength issues or privacy settings.

Strength issues are more common in mobile devices where the connection is naturally weaker. It’s advised that you clear your cache and cookies before attempting to reconnect. Losing connection during a survey won’t cause you to be expelled from the survey, so simply try again at a later date.


Yo Opinion is a legitimate way of making a few extra dollars throughout the year. However, we certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a primary source of income or as the most lucrative survey site currently available.

Surveys are typically quite fast and easy to complete and email notifications let you know when you have a survey available. This is why it’s a good supplementary source of paid surveys as you don’t need to monitor it consistently.

Alternatives to Yo Opinion

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