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ySense is a rewards panel that went by the name of ClixSense from 2007 through 2019. It’s one of the gazillions of get-paid-to platforms where you can register and complete various easy tasks. And get some cash in return!

While this premise may sound like music to your ears, it’s often a path paved with frustration and even peril. Many rewards panels are pure scam, fishing for people’s sensitive information and milking them for cash. Even more are legit but lousy, allowing for very few earning opportunities or rewards so low that it’s not even worth it. But there are also some decent ones that you can use to supplement your income with a couple hundred bucks every month. Which category does ySense fall into? Read on to find out!

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Behind the Scenes – Who Are These Guys?

ySense is one of a handful of rewards panels run by a market research company called Prodege, LLC. While the name probably doesn’t ring a bell, it’s worth knowing that they also run a few of the most renown get-paid-to platforms including Swagbucks and MyPoints.

Let’s get one thing clear though. The fact that a rewards panel is popular and successful doesn’t mean you’ll get to earn another monthly salary there. On the contrary – surveys, offers and easy tasks have never made anyone rich. The most you can expect from them is to help you earn a bit of pocket money without breaking a sweat. However, the world of survey panels is a big and ruthless one, and you can get in trouble if you’re not careful. So, when we say that a survey panel is *okay*, it only means that they won’t trick you or rip you off in any way.

As for ySense and its parent company Prodege, LLC, they are accredited with Better Business Bureau and hold a ritzy-glitzy A+ rating as of this writing. Even their customers seem pretty happy with the service, considering that they awarded it 4 out of 5 stars. I suspect that most of that goes for Swagbucks, but it also means that the company is a serious player on the whole.

So, without further ado, we can safely conclude that this business is legit. You can use any of their rewards panels without worrying about the safety of your personal info.

How Does It Work?

ySense offers a few ways to get rewards:

  • Take online surveys. Most of those will take up to ten minutes of your time and bring you under $1, rarely more
  • Complete offers (download an app, click through ads, watch videos, sign up for this and that)
  • Complete micro tasks. These are all hosted on a panel called Figure Eight, where you’ll also have to sign up (check out our review of this panel here). They might want you to annotate images, categorize products or write up product descriptions, draw boxes on products, etc.

As for rewards, there are a few options, and among them some of the most popular such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Amazon gift cards. However, the cashout thresholds that you have to meet before being allowed to withdraw your earnings will vary. For, you have to earn a minimum of $5 before being allowed to redeem your gift card. Local Amazon domains (ES, FR, GBP, IT) will vary. To get a hold of your earnings via PayPal, you must accrue $10, whereas Payoneer requires you to amass a whopping $52 before cashing out. That’s kinda confusing, so it’s probably best to opt for one channel (which is either Skrill or PayPal for most people) and stick with it.

different rewards you can earn on ySense

They also have an active forum where members can share their experience and discuss various topics. Not having to search Reddit in pursuit of basic answers is a great privilege, you know. Especially because there are threads in many languages, so you can easily find a nook with your local issues.

Pro Tip

If you decide to give ySense a try, make sure to install their Chrome extension. It will save you tons of time sending you alerts every time there’s a new survey, offer or task available for you. Without it, you’d have to visit their site every so often and check for new tasks manually. Which is quite annoying and time-consuming, to be honest.

Earning Potential

Apart from your paid activities, you can bump up your earnings a bit by referring friends. Now, their referral program is tiered both by location and activity. If you and your referees reside in one of the top tier countries, you’ll get a $0.30 signup commission per referral. Otherwise, it’s $0.10. That doesn’t sound like much, but there’s also 20% of what your referees earn whenever they complete a survey, offer, or task. If you have more than hundred active referees, it gets better:

  • 25% affiliate commission with over 100 active referees, all of whom have completed at least one transaction that month
  • 30% affiliate commission with over 200 active referees with at least one completed transaction per month

Here’s the complete overview of their referral program.

Their active earners are being rewarded in more than a single way. Whenever you complete your daily checklist, you’ll get up to 16% daily bonus automatically. But what does this checklist consist of? It’s easy to remember – at least two offers or surveys or at least ten Figure Eight tasks. If you can’t complete ten tasks, you can do five and supplement them with at least one offer or survey.

There is also something they call Tasks Weekly Contest, where the best task workers get up to $50 as a bonus reward. You don’t have to enroll or do anything to be eligible for this contest, as it’s automatic. But I wouldn’t hope for much if I were you – there are probably too many members for you or me to stand much chance.

ySense Pros

  • Multiple payment options including PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and Amazon gift cards. All of them are awesome, but PayPal is definitely #1 for most people.
  • The referral program should increase your earnings a bit. Apart from the signup commission of $0.10 to $0.30, plus $2 bonus on your referee’s first $5, you’ll also get 20% to 30% off their lifelong earnings on ySense. So if you have four active referees, that’s basically like doubling your regular monthly earnings.
  • Active earners are rewarded with a daily bonus every day. If you complete your daily checklist, you’ll get up to 16% daily bonus.
  • They host a multi-language forum and it’s pretty active. There are payment proofs, success stories, various threads about tasks and issues – in other words, everything a newcomer would wanna know.

ySense Cons

  • Cashout threshold varies from $5.05 to the whacking $52. If you have Skrill, go with it – its threshold is the lowest of all.
  • Buckle up for some frustration due to ineligibility. Yep, there’s that infamous issue with survey panels. You entered the survey, ticked a few boxes, typed a couple of info about yourself, and boom – you’re out.
  • They do accept people from all over the world, but not everyone will have equal chances. Since they don’t host the surveys but redirect you to other panels such as Toluna,, YourSurveys etc., you will have to waste tons of time as you provide your info time and again just to get kicked out.
  • You may encounter bugs and glitches. For example, when you complete a survey, the system may fail in trying to redirect you back to ySense site. The result – you lose your credits. Also, many users complain that their accounts were suspended or even shut down for no obvious reason.

Conclusion – Is ySense Worth Your Time?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. From what I’ve seen, the panel is better than most others in that it isn’t too difficult to earn a couple dozen bucks or more every month. However, this will largely depend on your location. If you’re outside the US, you may have fewer surveys and tasks available – even none at all!

So, I guess it’s probably best to give it a shot. It’s safe to use, so you won’t be risking anything except for a few minutes to sign up and try your luck. If you don’t get enough surveys and offers, it’s easy to jump ship and proceed with the next rewards panel.

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