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There are a lot of scam rewards sites out there. SurveyCool has been dishing info and reviews to help you decide which ones are worth your time… and which ones are best avoided. Today, we’ll be reviewing a relatively new site: ZoomBucks. The site promises fast processing times and excellent payouts. So at first glance, the site looks really promising.

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I discovered the site while looking around for side hustles and new rewards sites to try out. I also needed to raise some money for next week’s groceries, and using ZoomBucks looked like a great opportunity to earn fast money.

But are they really worth trying? Read on to find out.

After using ZoomBucks, I can confirm that the site has excellent payouts  –  I’ve tried quite a few other rewards sites, and ZoomBucks has some of the highest payouts I’ve encountered. But I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Below, I’ll be giving you more details on ZoomBucks.


An Overview of ZoomBucks

Most of us have tried rewards sites at one point or another. For those that haven’t, allow me to explain what a rewards site is. Rewards sites try to build engagements between brands and consumers. The brands want eyes on their videos, or info on their target markets. So they hire rewards sites to do the hard work for them. A site like ZoomBucks will incentivize its members to do a bunch of simple tasks like answering surveys and watching videos  –  all of which I’ll be discussing in a bit. Since ZoomBucks works with legit brands, they can pay legit money to their members!


An Easy Earning Method

Chances are, you’re also trying out different earning methods and sites. The cool thing about ZoomBucks is that the tasks you do on it are really simple. And that means you don’t have to give up your other earning gigs to be able to use ZoomBucks. Some of the earning methods on ZoomBucks  –  which I’ll go into greater detail in a bit  –  are actually passive. You don’t have to do much to be able to earn from them.

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money on top of your other side hustles, why not give ZoomBucks a shot? The tasks are super-easy to do and membership is free, so there’s little to no risk involved.

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How to Earn Money on ZoomBucks

Watching Videos

While I was writing this review, I had ZoomBucks open on my tablet playing videos. Whenever a video finishes playing, I earn an amount of points. As soon as a video ends, I can watch another one — and the best way to earn by watching videos is to string one video after another. That way, I get to earn even more.

I would classify this earning method as a no-brainer. And that’s what makes it awesome! This happens to be my favorite earning technique, since I can keep videos playing while doing other stuff. Just last night, I spent a couple of hours doing some chores. And during that time, I had videos playing.


Taking Surveys

I’m an opinionated person; I’m one of those guys who’s always sounding off on Facebook about the newest summer blockbuster movie or Netflix series. And, as you might have guessed, I also love answering surveys. Answering surveys on ZoomBucks is especially great because I get to sound off on various topics… but I happen to get paid for my opinions!

This method of earning takes a bit more effort than watching videos, but it’s still pretty easy to do. That said, you do have to make sure your answers are legit, and you’re not just randomly clicking answers. The site is powered by some mysterious alien technology (okay, just regular algorithms) that can spot inconsistent answers. And that could invalidate your earnings.

Whenever you finish answering a survey, you get paid points — the longer the survey, the more points you will get.


Completing Offers

This task requires a bit more participation. ZoomBucks has an offer wall, and you can pick and choose which offers you’d like to take. These offers usually involve you signing-up for a free subscription of some sort. Sometimes, you will have to provide your credit card info, but don’t worry, all sites listed in the offer wall are legit. When you complete the conditions of the offer, you earn your points. 

If you gave your credit card info, don’t forget that you can cancel your membership before the trial period ends, and the paid membership kicks in.


Downloading and Testing Apps

Here’s another earning technique I like to do (it helps that I love trying new apps). ZoomBucks will have a list of apps that you can download on your device and try out. Some of the offers listed here will require you to keep the app for a period of time, or reach a specific level, before you earn your points.


Get Funds Fast

Once you’ve saved up 3,000 points (equivalent to $3), you can withdraw your earnings. And this is what I truly love about ZoomBucks: payout processing is really fast  –  you can expect to get your earnings within 48 hours! I’m sure the fast processing time will be appreciated with a wide variety of users.

ZoomBucks has tons of reward options  –  just check out their rewards catalog. It’s awesome! They’ve got rewards for gamers, moms, makers, fashionistas, and regular shoppers. But for me, personally, the best option is still cash. ZoomBucks sends cash earnings via PayPal. Nothing beats the feeling of requesting a payout, and seeing the money in my PayPal account within two days!

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ZoomBucks Rewards Site  –  Legit or Scam?

ZoomBucks is totally legit! The payouts are high, the earning methods are easy to do, and the payout processing is super fast. I also appreciate how easy it is to earn on ZoomBucks while doing other side hustles. All in all, this is a great earning resource for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Head over to ZoomBucks and get your free membership now.


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